The Perfect Pear Cinematography FAQ

1. What is included on the thumb drive?

Included on the thumb drive will be your wedding trailer, feature film (only with our 3-cinematographer package), a clean edit of your ceremony, reception toasts, and special dances!

2. What is the length of the wedding trailer and feature film?

This is a great question and a tough one to answer. We love to keep the wedding trailer/teaser at the 2-4 minute mark so we’re not revealing too much of the day (hence the word ‘teaser’), but it’s just enough to keep you and your friends and family begging for more.

If your package includes the feature film, the length of the film will vary on the length of the wedding and the events that occur throughout the day of the wedding. On average, a feature film ranges from 12-15 minutes in length. Some cultural weddings have more than one ceremony and other customs, so this may reflect the length of the film as well. Most importantly, we focus on the quality rather than the quantity of your wedding film. If we begin to include clips that do not help tell your story, then we’re only doing it for the sake of quantity – which is what we want to avoid.

3. When will we receive our wedding film?

Your wedding trailer will be ready in 4-8 weeks and if your package includes the feature film, it will be ready in 12-24 weeks after the day of your wedding.

When your beautiful wedding day comes to a close and you’re off to your honeymoon as husband and wife, we immediately head back to our studio where we begin backing up all of the raw footage. From there, a lot of careful crafting goes into fine-tuning the audio, color grading the clips and selecting the appropriate music. Afterwards we begin editing the film.

4. Do we get to select our own music?

We ultimately select the music through a few companies that specializes in music licensing for filmmakers, production companies, non-profits and photographers. However, we do take your suggestions into consideration as a way to better understand your style of music. Unfortunately, we don’t have the ability to use just any song due to licensing issues.

5. What kind of camera equipment do you use?

We use an array of cameras that include the Canon C100 MKII, Panasonic GH4 and Canon 5D MKIII. We choose our equipment based on portability and form factor that are less intrusive to you and your guests. We have a certain style to our films that reflect our brand, so it’s important that we use high-end video cameras that produce the best quality.

We also use camera supports that help give us the Hollywood effect, such as camera sliders, steadicams, and quadcopters that allow us to capture aerial footage. And if you’re a huge fan of explosions we can always pull out the green screen =)

Lighting and audio typically get overlooked when it comes to filming any kind of event, but we make sure to pay careful attention to these two factors, as we believe they really help tell your story. We provide professional quality mics and lighting that are used during your ceremony and reception.

6. Do we get to control how our film is edited?

The simple answer is no, our clients do not get to control the edit of their film. When you decide to hire us for your wedding, we know that you trust our direction and our creativity. We have a clear vision of how we want to captivate you and your family and friends. Allowing our clients to be behind the creation process takes the whole excitement out of viewing your wedding film for the first time. However, we do like to ask our brides and grooms if there are any must-have shots that they would like to include in their wedding film.

7. Do you outsource any of your work?

No. We’re a tight-knit team of three and everything you see on our website and social media sites are created and edited by us. We truly try to be perfectionists at what we do and we want to cater every second of our time to crafting your wedding film.


8. Could you briefly explain how your team operates throughout the day of the wedding?

If you book our highest wedding package, our team will split up  during the morning of your wedding to capture all of the preparations and details. On occasion, our third cinematographer will capture any other details and set-ups from the church and/or reception.

Afterwards, all three cinematographers will arrive at the ceremony and reception location together where we will begin setting up our audio equipment – the groom will be mic’d 10 minutes before the start of the ceremony, and we will work closely with the DJ to set up our recorders to capture the speeches during the reception.

We will capture all of the formal events during the reception and hang out with your guests on the dance floor for about an hour before we call it a night. We always make sure that we are 100% certain we have enough useable footage before we head out.

9. How will you work with the photographer to get the footage you need?

We like to communicate with your photographer prior to the wedding as a way to introduce ourselves and to go over the timeline together. We find that this really benefits both parties as it helps identify any inconsistencies whilst working together and a means for solutions. We love this part of our job because it allows us to grow professionally and build great relationships with the vendors we get to work with.

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