Birth Stories | Filmed by Leslie Sheets

Hey friends!

So it’s been a pretty non-stop, busy year for us so far, and we’re fortunate to be enjoying every second of it together meeting some fabulous people from all walks of life!

Now, there are times when we don’t get to work together on-location, because one of us is either in front of the computer cranking out other projects, or simply because the assignment has certain requirements, such as gender role. And no, we’re not talking about boudoir or dudeoir shoots here, but instead birth stories.

Being a mother herself, Leslie has built a personal relationship with this subject matter – where an infant is brought into this world and into the lives of so many. She has certainly taken on the role of creating birth stories for couples who are interested in sharing an intimate experience and having a keepsake.

Birthing Beautiful Ideas wrote a profound article about the video that Leslie recently filmed of Elena from

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Jocelyn Hasenbalg - June 1, 2012 - 4:48 pm

Your cinematography is great! Amazing job capturing the feeling in both stories. I love seeing your guys’ work…keep it up and good luck 🙂

Happy Business,

Rosesa & Adam and Friends Visits The Pear Stand!

Rarely will you see us pass up a photo booth no matter where we find one. That’s why we were thrilled to have the opprotunity to roll out our take on the photo booth during Rosesa and Adam’s wedding. We present to you: The Pear Stand

Note: The gallery may take a few seconds to load. Also keep in mind that this is a flash-based gallery. So those of you that are on a device that doesn’t support flash can visit our smug mug page to view the images. Yay! Everybody wins =)


The reactions were just as good!

Emily + Eric | Married | Nashville, Tennessee

Wow! Where do I even begin? A week ago we filmed a lovely wedding in Chicago, and a week after that we got to spend the weekend photographing Emily and Eric — where they tied the knot at the Loveless Barn in Nashville, Tennessee! So we’re going to warn you guys that there is a ridiculous overpost of images, mainly because we waited a year to meet these two in person and couldn’t wait to photograph them, their friends, and their family! CHEERS!

Emily waiting for the rehearsal dinner to begin at The Station Inn where we had the best BBQ provided by B&C BBQ .

What a GREAT looking couple!

If you ever get a chance to visit Nashville and geek out on letterpress, posters, and the American South, I highly recommend stopping by Hatch Show Print — one of the oldest working letterpress print shops in America. Leslie was able to capture a sweet photo of Emily's wedding boots right where they handle all of their letterpress.

The Future Mrs. Coppess

Cricket making sure no boys can come through.

Talk about timing! Emily glanced right towards my camera the second I snapped this

Leslie’s angle.

My angle.


Dad is usually ‘base’ in tag, right?

Moss monograms made by the Bride herself!

Ummm…we would love to shoot more weddings here!

I’m not sure if people followed orders here, because I swear I was photoshopping crumbs off the table.

DIY galore!!! I think Emily and Leslie could be best friends.

For you country and bluegrass fans, Chris Stapleton and Ronnie Bowman put on one amazing performance!

I just want a quarter of the musical talent Emily possesses.

The hardest part about shooting weddings in a city or state you’ve never been to is when the night is said and done, there’s always a bit of somberness that goes along with saying goodbye. Nashville will certainly be a place I’ll look forward to coming back to. The people there are all beautiful, the city is safe and clean, and only in the south do they consider macaroni and cheese a vegetable!! And let’s not leave out those southern biscuits! That alone is worth the trip =)

Emily and Eric, you guys had such a beautiful wedding and we were so thankful to be a part of it all!! HUUUGE congrats goes out to the both of you!

A Happy Valentine’s Day Post

For the past couple of Valentine’s Leslie and I have both devoted our time into creating each other some pretty kick-ass gifts. I knew this was a bit of a challenge, especially since I was working against the Queen of DIY. Don’t believe me, check out some of the things she’s been crafting in our DIY category.


Last year’s gifts:

Custom Sharpie Bouquet Flowers
You could only imagine the reactions I received from fellow co-workers when Leslie hand-delivered this AMAZING gift on my first official day at work =) Oh, and the Bose earbuds was icing on the cake!
Custom Skateboard Deck Create, Play, Enjoy
I’ve always been interested in skate/snowboard design, so I thought it would be a cool surprise to customize one for Leslie. 
Thanks to a couple of friends who were able to make this one happen!
Custom Skateboard Deck Create, Play, Enjoy



This Year’s Gifts:

Bow Tie Custom Bouquet
Being a wedding photographer you can never own enough ties or bow ties. Luckily for me, I’ll never have to look any further than this bouquet of custom bow ties that Leslie handmade herself!!! FRIGGIN’ love her to death!!!! What a killer gift!! 
–Sorry for all of the exclamation marks. I’m a sucker for bow ties =)
Bow Tie Custom Bouquet
Check out the single speed bow tie! How could I possibly not want to rock that at a wedding?!!
And the chinese take-out box was a nice touch. Custom CD Mixtape Design
Yes, I know what you’re thinking…“Really Dane, a mixtape for Valentine’s Day? Do people still make mixtapes?” Apparently not. But I know Leslie has been bringing it up to my attention that I never make her anymore mixtapes. Not only did she get a ton of sweet jams,
but I made her an insert that contained some of the weird topics that tend to cross my mind throughout the day =)
Harry Potter Custom CD Mixtape Design Dumbledore Scramble with Friends Design Comic Art Plants Versus Zombies Art Dude-ouir Art Photography All You Can Eat Sushi Art Traditional Wedding Art Angkor Wat
FYI: I would never be forced into an arranged marriage, lol.


What’s the best Valentine’s Day present you’ve received? We would love to hear your story.

admin - May 31, 2012 - 12:28 pm

Thanks, Channdara!

We definitely love getting crafty whenever we get the chance.

Yes, all the illustrations were created from scratch. I sketched them out first, and then used Adobe Illustrator to finish them off 🙂

Hope that answers your question.

Take care!

Channdara - May 27, 2012 - 1:21 am

LOVE all the gifts you make for each other, but especially the insert for the Valentine’s Day mixtape! It is just hilarious! Did you draw all the pictures yourself?

admin - April 13, 2012 - 12:08 pm

Haha, thanks Alison! I’m totally leaving the decision up to Leslie when the day comes 🙂

Allison - March 5, 2012 - 2:19 pm

You both are too cute! I love the card you made for her. Both put so much thought into your gifts… ah romance! — can I be your wedding photographer?! 🙂

<3 Macedonian Weddings

A Macedonian wedding is one of the most important celebrations in the life of one’s family. It’s a day full of eating and drinking, dancing and singing, and customs and rituals.

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to partake in the festivities at a Macedonian wedding then you know that the celebration can be quite an unforgettable experience. If you’ve ever photographed a Macedonian wedding then you know that it becomes a test of endurance! But in the end it’s very rewarding. And I’ve had the privilege of working with the guys from Shutterhead Studios and Craiglow Photography, both who possess so much talent and knowledge to the professional wedding industry! These guys ROCK!



Macedonian Orthodox Church Reynoldsburg Ohio Macedonian Orthodox Church Reynoldsburg Ohio Macedonian Orthodox Church Reynoldsburg Ohio Macedonian Orthodox Church Reynoldsburg Ohio Macedonian Orthodox Church Reynoldsburg Ohio Macedonian Wedding Orthodox Church Macedonian Wedding Orthodox Church Macedonian Wedding Orthodox Church Macedonian Wedding North Bank Park Macedonian Wedding North Bank Park Ohio Macedonian Wedding North Bank Park Ohio

Macedonian Wedding


Patrick & Stephanie | Married

Ohio is well known for its unpredictable weather around this time of year. Fortunately, it was very good to Patrick and Stephanie and all of their friends and family who attended their beautiful wedding! Much love goes out to you guys!

Pat and Steph – Getting to know the two of you (and Jameson) in such a short period of time has been nothing but an enjoyable experience! It truly was a pleasure witnessing such an amazing event. Best wishes from The Perfect Pear Photography!

f a c e b o o k