Jessica + David | Coming Soon

Jessica + David | Coming Soon from Leslie + Dane on Vimeo.

I’ve known David pretty much my entire life. We grew up one street away from each other and became the reason why parents in the neighborhood installed fences around their homes – to prevent us from taking any possible shortcuts through their backyards on days we visited each other to play Mortal Kombat, make comic books, drool over his dad’s laser disc collection, and unsuccessfully watch our chins attempt to grow the slightest bit of facial hair.

David was a kid with a big heart and he was always so eager to learn about people and their unique qualities. He didn’t judge you if you were different than the other kids – and that was a rare thing to see growing up as a teenager. He was never afraid to be himself and I think that’s what made people gravitate towards him any time he entered a room. As you can tell, it was hard for me to accept him and his family’s move to Atlanta during my final year in high school. I truly believed at the time, that I had lost, not only my best friend, but a piece of my identity as well.

Although we remained in touch with each other throughout the years, it wasn’t until the day before his wedding that I was finally able to witness his life in Atlanta with my very own eyes. I can say that he is still the smart, charismatic being who is constantly surrounded by people he loves and the people who love him back. He has built a tight bond with his brother and parents that I’ve never seen growing up – you can tell that they are truly proud of him and all of his accomplishments. And most importantly, he has a beautiful, genuine, and kind-hearted partner to share his life with!

Jessica simply brightens a room the way you expect a person who’s so passionate about life would. You almost want to hate them because of how cute they are for each other, but you can’t because of how much they make you smile and how easily they can make you cry when you see them express their love for one another and their love for God. They truly are blessed people who deserve the world and we are blessed to be a small part of their lives.

Congrats to the most beautiful bride and groom! We love you from the bottom of our hearts.

D + L

Jill + Nick | Engaged

Unpredictable weather is something us Ohioans are accustomed to living with. One day we’re in winter coats battling subfreezing temperatures, and the next day we’re dressed in summer clothes ready to hit the pool. Luckily, our day with Jill and Nick proved to be very inviting for their engagement session. And thankfully, the Fall leaves hung around long enough for us to capture some wickedly, gorgeous images of these two! We’re already looking forward to their wedding in the Spring of 2015 – winter gloves or not =)

D + L

Jill and Nick Engaged Jill and Nick Engaged Jill and Nick Engaged Jill and Nick Engaged Jill and Nick Engaged Jill and Nick Engaged

Jill and Nick Engaged

Jill and Nick Engaged Jill and Nick Engaged
Jill and Nick Engaged

Jill and Nick Engaged Jill and Nick Engaged Jill and Nick Engaged 308A4409_LR Jill and Nick Engaged Jill and Nick Engaged

Jill and Nick Engaged

Farewell 2013!

Well…here it is – our last post of 2013!!! What a year it has been. Normally, this is about the time where we reflect back and share some of our favorite wedding images from the year’s weddings. But this year I thought it would be more fun to share something that we’ve never shared on our blog before – partly because of how personal we cater these to our brides and grooms. You see, over the years we’ve realized that the most joyful experience we were getting out of these weddings were the unforgettably, unique stories that each one of our couples possessed – whether a couple acquired a special bond over craft beers, or catchy phrases chanted through the entirety of a wedding as a reminder to simply laugh and enjoy the day. Each one different, yet memorable. It’s pretty much our mantra! And our goal was to graphically present these to our brides and grooms without prior communication of what the final product will end up looking like (after all, they trust us and our abilities). The results were astounding! It really has been my favorite part of this whole experience, and I can’t wait to show you guys what we have in store for 2014!

DVD and CD Cover Wedding Design

Custom DVD Cases Wedding Custom DVD Cases Wedding

Jessica + Brian | Coming Soon

Jessica + Brian Wedding Trailer

What makes Jessica and Brian’s relationship so uniquely special is the insurmountable love and support they receive from their family and friends. Witnessing their bond was an enjoyable site to see, and documenting their story was an experience we can’t even begin to explain.

We hope you all enjoy Jessica and Brian’s wedding trailer!


Jessica + Brian | Wedding Trailer
from Leslie + Dane on Vimeo.

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