Rosesa + Adam | Married | Part One

Before I begin to explain to you guys how amazing these two are together, I just wanted to add that Rosesa is a childhood friend of mine. I’m pretty sure we were still in diapers when we first encountered one another. Her parents and my parents have been long time friends, and my older brother and I always viewed her as a little sister every time we spent our Sundays in the back of our parents’ restaurant. So you can bet we’ve witnessed some hilarious moments that I won’t even share with you guys just so I can spare her the embarrassment =) Those days have gone by. To see where she is at in life now is a really cool thing to witness, and to have the opportunity to photograph their wedding has truly been a blessing.

We really couldn’t be happier for Adam and Rosesa. It was amazing to watch the both of them, who were so profoundly in love in such an unconditional way, enjoy every second with their friends and family.


Rosesa and Adam

I have to apologize for the amount of images I decided to post, but there were too many moments not to share with you guys. We can all agree that this was easily one of the happiest group of people ever!

Rosesa and Adam…Thanks to you guys and your amazing bridal party for being so gracious to us!! We can’t tell you how much it means to us that we were able to document such a beautiful day!!

Looking forward to sharing much more from the second day!!! Stay tuned.




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