Farewell 2013!

Well…here it is – our last post of 2013!!! What a year it has been. Normally, this is about the time where we reflect back and share some of our favorite wedding images from the year’s weddings. But this year I thought it would be more fun to share something that we’ve never shared on our blog before – partly because of how personal we cater these to our brides and grooms. You see, over the years we’ve realized that the most joyful experience we were getting out of these weddings were the unforgettably, unique stories that each one of our couples possessed – whether a couple acquired a special bond over craft beers, or catchy phrases chanted through the entirety of a wedding as a reminder to simply laugh and enjoy the day. Each one different, yet memorable. It’s pretty much our mantra! And our goal was to graphically present these to our brides and grooms without prior communication of what the final product will end up looking like (after all, they trust us and our abilities). The results were astounding! It really has been my favorite part of this whole experience, and I can’t wait to show you guys what we have in store for 2014!

DVD and CD Cover Wedding Design

Custom DVD Cases Wedding Custom DVD Cases Wedding

Jessica + Brian | Wedding Trailer

Jessica + Brian Wedding Trailer

What makes Jessica and Brian’s relationship so uniquely special is the insurmountable love and support they receive from their family and friends. Witnessing their bond was an enjoyable site to see, and documenting their story was an experience we can’t even begin to explain.

We hope you all enjoy Jessica and Brian’s wedding trailer!


Jessica + Brian | Wedding Trailer
from Leslie + Dane on Vimeo.

Abby + Michael | Married

Cleveland has always been one of our favorite places in Ohio to photograph, especially when we get to work with some warmhearted, endearing human beings, like Abby and Michael! They really made the whole experience worth the trip. Congrats to Abby and Michael for a day filled with nervousness, love, emotions, laughter, and friendship! We can’t wait to see what the future brings for the two of you. You guys are quite the ‘perfect pear’!

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Carol Pudlock - November 21, 2013 - 11:27 pm

Abby and mike!! Beautiful photos! I love Winston’s outfit!!!! Congratulations again,,,beautiful wedding for a fantastic couple and puppy!!!
Love you guys… Mrs. P (the older one)

MEANT TO BEE | Han and Quyen’s Love Story

MEANT TO BEE movie poster


When we first met with Han, Quyen, and their 7-month-old-daughter Allison about a month ago for our consultation, they explained that they wanted us to create a cute and quirky film to tell their love story and premiere it during their wedding reception.

In the short amount of time we’ve spent with the three of them, we really got to see them as a family – and it was such a bonding experience. They even treated us like one of their family members by constantly feeding us, taking us out to dinners, and just allowing us to be a part of their life. They were so sincere, generous, and downright adorable – which is why we can’t wait to share this film with the world!

Thanks to Evie and her wonderful voice for allowing Allison to come to life in this film!
Thanks to Moshi Restaurant moshisushibar.com/ for their unbelievable hospitality and for allowing us to film in their restaurant.

Dane + Leslie


Meant To Bee | Han and Quyen’s Love Story from Leslie + Dane on Vimeo.



Diana + Kyle | Wedding Trailer

Being able to document all of the emotions and merriment that occurred on the day of Diana and Kyle’s wedding was almost too much excitement for one human being to handle. The day couldn’t have been more perfectly sublime or majestic!

Here’s a look into their wedding trailer, which was filmed in their home town of Maria Stein, Ohio. We hope you all enjoy!


Diana + Kyle | Wedding Trailer from Leslie + Dane on Vimeo.

Hong + Servet | A Surprise Wedding Film Premiere

Someone said it best at Hong and Servet’s wedding that they are the type of friends who have the ability to bring people together. And last night was a great example of that. Being able to pull off this surprise for Hong and Servet was no easy task, but thanks to the help from their amazing friends and family we successfully turned the evening into an unforgettable night!

*Backstory about the surprise: Hong and Servet thought they were going to witness a proposal from a very close friend of theirs. What they didn’t realize after entering the room was that there was no proposal and that the surprise was, in fact, for them. You can see  in the first image that Hong (as she enters the room) is  signaling for everyone  in the room to shush, thinking that we were all a part of the ‘surprise proposal’. Watch the video below to see their reactions =)


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The Perfect Pear Movie Poster

The Perfect Pear Movie Poster

DVD Case


Hong and Servet Group Photo


Thanks to their generous friends for sharing some of their cellphone snaps with us =)

Hong and Servet Group Photo



And without further ado…Hong and Servet’s wedding film. Enjoy!!!

Hong + Servet | Wedding Film from Leslie + Dane on Vimeo.

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