Joanna + Derek | Coming Soon

Filming Joanna and Derek’s wedding proved to be a challenge for us, only because we had to constantly pick our jaws up off the ground during their beautiful wedding! From the marble structure and The Fritts organ inside St. Joseph Cathedral, to the most extravagant outdoor tent reception at the New Albany Country Club, Joanna and Derek’s wedding proved to be a celebration for the ages and we’re so happy to have witnessed the marriage between these two!

We’d also like to thank the wonderful vendors who made the day Joanna and Derek’s wedding day possible:

Flowers: Judy Woods from The Daisy Basket, Inc. |
Entertainment: Rodney Sutton from The Conspiracy Band |
Photography: Todd Callentine from Callentine Photography |
Venue: Connie Siemienski from New Albany Country Club |


Joanna + Derek | Coming Soon from The Perfect Pear on Vimeo.


Given the abysmal weather earlier in the day, Abby looked up at AJ during their First Look and quietly said, “It’s not quite the day we envisioned, but it’s going to be okay.” AJ smiled right back at Abby and whispered, “It’s perfect!”

Abby and AJ share an infectious adoration for one another and it’s evident in their personal vows and their commitment to one another. They’re simply the perfect pear!


Abby + AJ | Coming Soon from The Perfect Pear on Vimeo.

Yuru + Jingwei | Coming Soon

If there’s an award out there for the ‘best dance-off’ at a wedding, Yuru, Jingwei, and their bridal party would definitely be in the running for it! Their wedding featured a total of five – yes, FIVE – choreographed dance routines. I wouldn’t have expected anything less from the beautiful bride, who just so happens to be a ballet dancer herself!

Yuru and Jingwei | Coming Soon from The Perfect Pear on Vimeo.


We would like to give a huge shout out to Diblasio Photography and The OSU Faculty Club Event Planning for their true professionalism and astonishing work throughout the day! We were so fortunate to be surrounded by such a great group of people and – as cliché as it may sound – it’s simply why we love doing what we do!!

Jessica + David | Coming Soon

Jessica + David | Coming Soon from Leslie + Dane on Vimeo.

I’ve known David pretty much my entire life. We grew up one street away from each other and became the reason why parents in the neighborhood installed fences around their homes – to prevent us from taking any possible shortcuts through their backyards on days we visited each other to play Mortal Kombat, make comic books, drool over his dad’s laser disc collection, and unsuccessfully watch our chins attempt to grow the slightest bit of facial hair.

David was a kid with a big heart and he was always so eager to learn about people and their unique qualities. He didn’t judge you if you were different than the other kids – and that was a rare thing to see growing up as a teenager. He was never afraid to be himself and I think that’s what made people gravitate towards him any time he entered a room. As you can tell, it was hard for me to accept him and his family’s move to Atlanta during my final year in high school. I truly believed at the time, that I had lost, not only my best friend, but a piece of my identity as well.

Although we remained in touch with each other throughout the years, it wasn’t until the day before his wedding that I was finally able to witness his life in Atlanta with my very own eyes. I can say that he is still the smart, charismatic being who is constantly surrounded by people he loves and the people who love him back. He has built a tight bond with his brother and parents that I’ve never seen growing up – you can tell that they are truly proud of him and all of his accomplishments. And most importantly, he has a beautiful, genuine, and kind-hearted partner to share his life with!

Jessica simply brightens a room the way you expect a person who’s so passionate about life would. You almost want to hate them because of how cute they are for each other, but you can’t because of how much they make you smile and how easily they can make you cry when you see them express their love for one another and their love for God. They truly are blessed people who deserve the world and we are blessed to be a small part of their lives.

Congrats to the most beautiful bride and groom! We love you from the bottom of our hearts.

D + L

Kelley + Phuc | Coming Soon

We’re so thankful for all the people who have entered our lives and touched our hearts. And that includes this incredible couple! We love them both and we hope you enjoy their wedding trailer.

D + L

Kelley +Phuc | Wedding Trailer from Leslie + Dane on Vimeo.

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